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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Clean and Ready To Go.

Wanda is clean and dustfree again and ready to go. 

When I told Hubby about it filling up with dust and maybe it needing new seals he asked if I'd shut the door properly.  Could that have been the reason?  I dunno, never thought to stop and check the doors were shut tight. Hopefully I am dumb and it's not the seals.  Oh, and apparently you should turn fans on or something and it pressurisers the inside and stops a lot of dust coming in???  Who knew...not me and I still don't understand what I should have done.  I am going to get him to write it down for me. 
It's like I need a *Vanning for Dummies* book.

The daughter borrowed it on the weekend and went exploring and apparently it makes a clicking noise when it gets up to 102kph.  
I have never heard it as I am a slow, cruisy explorer. 
How do you hear odd sounds when you're driving anyway.  Isn't that what the music is for...

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