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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Thursday. We Went.

So husband spent his day of rest packing up the car to take me away...He's going to take me awayyy haha...Our first stop was Nannup as I wanted a bread roll from the bakery there.  It has new owners and is open more often than before and we hadn't been there since but sadly the rolls were not very nice. Or fresh.  I bought a 6 pack of multigrain rolls thinking to have one with salad when we got to the daughters house and they were not eatable.  Not to me anyway but I like my rolls fresh and soft with nothing on or in them.  Just roll.  The others put salad in theirs but agreed that they were not fresh.  So lunch at daughters and we left the trailer there planning to pick it up on the way home.  Then onward to...Where were we going to go?  We both had 2 spots in our head, Alexandra Bridge and Hamlin Bay camping area.  A quick talk and we decided to go to Hamlin Bay first.  We get there and drive down to the beach, get out and have a look around...we have been here just for a look a couple of years ago and I'm glad we finally went again.  It's a lovely beach with plenty of parking for cars and boat trailers.  We drove back to the camping area and booked in, asked for a powered site close to the beach and were given one with water views and plenty of shade.   There weren't many campers in this area, one other couple that had a camper trailer set up.  They were the closest to the water but it was only a dozen or so steps closer than us. 
We get out and set up camp,

 This is the view from husband's chair.
We have a coffee then go down to the water. 
We saw a few of the things that we came to see...

Husband goes fishing and I roll me trousers up and brave the cold water.
I have never been so close to rays like these. Any sort of ray really.  Have once or twice seen a shadow in the water somewhere and husband sees them quite often because he is a fisher person but I think even he was impressed with the friendliness of these. 

There were birds around the camping area, friendly magpies and a few Wattlers.   These ones came right up to where we were, onto our chair and the table as well, looking for crumbs.   Some people might not like this, they might think it was unhygienic but we don't mind at all, we like it.

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