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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Getting Ready To Go.

So did the adventure happen?  You may think not seeing as I was so excited last week but then nothing has been reported since.   But it did happen and here is a bit about how it came about.

It was a warm Summer day cool dark night when the husband came home from work after more than a week away...which came after a week of shifting bees so lots of late night driving...He had a week off but I was surprised when he spent all his first day at home getting the 'Cruiser ready so he could take me away somewhere.  And there was a lot of getting ready to do, stuff that I couldn't help with though I'm sure I offered...

Our canvas canopy that we were using on the ute had worn spots and broken zips and was taken off and never put back on.  We were kindly given another one, it also needed some repairs but was in much better condition and as an added bonus it had mesh sides as well has the canvas dropdowns.    And the bloke that gave it to us mentioned that there was someone in town that did canvas repairs.  He would get us the number.   Move on a few months and we still didn't have the number.  We still had this canopy that couldn't be used and a whinging woman that was whinging...A few more months and the answer of not being able to go anywhere because we didn't have a workable canopy...I, yes I, finally rang the daughter to ring the bloke to get the number of the canvas fixer.  Within a day I had the number ready for husband to ring and arrange.  So he did.  Took the cruiser and canopy up so the guy could have a look at it, worked out what needed doing and then came home and did it.  This canopy didn't fit as snuggly as it should, the frame had been extended at one time, probably so the first canopy would fit better.  Anyway, it needed to be shortened so husband came home and cut it down then welded it up again.  Back up to see the repairman.  Yep, better but he was flat-out that week and couldn't fit this repair in.  Husband came home and packed up ready for a week away with work.  It was another 3 weeks before husband was home long enough to take the canopy back up.  You may all be wondering why I the whinging wife didn't take the canopy up to be repaired and fair enough...I couldn't as it needed to be on the cruiser so the bloke could get a proper look at what needed doing and husband had the cruiser away at work.  And most days I cannot safely drive his car anyway and it is a bit** to start and I usually can't do that either!  I'm pretty useless where his car is concerned.

But eventually he is home, the canopy is taken up and left to be repaired.  Two weeks later and it is last Wed morning, the day after husband gets back from a too busy 3 weeks of work he goes up and picks it up then comes home and put's it on.  The repair man had said that the holes needed canvas rounds glued on so husband spend Wed morning doing that and putting a few clips on the ute so the tiedowns worked better.  Finally it was on.  Looked good.   Now the bed had to be put in, I helped with that!! I'm not totally useless,  and we could load it up.  BUT!!, yep more drama, We had a shed full of stuff that had to go down to Nannup to daughters house, a friend of hers had some boxes that needed to go down there too and there was a cupboard or two somewhere else.  We needed a trailer so had to call the son to bring his out.  We had to wait until Thursday morning for stuff to be brought here so we could finish loading up but by 10am we were ready and away.  Yep away.  On an Adventure. 

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