Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Friday, Day 2

Friday morning we were up bright and early, I walk along the beach, he goes fishing again, catches a few small sand whiting...

I said they were small.  This small and they go back into the water.

After breakfast we decide to go for a drive into Augusta.   Hamlin Bay is not far from there, less than 20km and there were a few things that we wanted to get from the shops.  Coffee was one of them.  I had taken the coffee out of the tuckerbox before we left home as it was stale and not nice, I tried it, but I had forgotten to put some fresh stuff back in.  Some floats for fishing and a few other things were needed too. 

 We had a picnic lunch on the grass down by the river.  OK, I agree, having the fridge in the back of the ute has some benefits.

The pelicans are a lot bigger than the seagulls and much more impressive but I like the seagulls.

When we were kids it was always great fun to feed the seagulls and have hundreds of them come around you squawking for food.  Most places frown upon you feeding them nowadays but there are still always plenty wherever there is coastal water.

On the way back the camp we called into the entrance way to Jewel Cave to have a look.  Not to go down into the cave but just to check it out in case we want to do it next time we are down that way.  At $22 each I'm thinking we might.  We have been down in the caves before, many years ago, and they are pretty impressive.  There are 3 or 4 caves in this area and probably all worth a look but it all adds up and moreso when there is more than one person.

Back at camp I have a mug of nice coffee before I talk husband into coming with me to explore the rocks.  I had gone up for a look the night before but the tide was coming in and I couldn't get around the end.

There was a hole that you can go through, it was full of some sort of fly.  As I went through all the flies flew out, straight into husbands face.  He had to back out then go through when the flies had left.

This rock looked like a giant head of some kind.  The rocks are limestone and some areas are fenced off due to the cliffs falling down.  It is tempting to climb them but not safe to do so.

This little cave had water in it when I came last night.

I really like places that have great majestic rock formations, it makes me wonder what other places have when little places here are so cool.  Who needs pubs and nightclubs when the outdoors is so great.

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