Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Nannup Markets. Before Going Home...

We woke up early Saturday morning to the sound of flapping canvas and trees blowing in the wind.  Oh dear, we might get wet now.   We quickly get up and decide to leave earlier than planned.  Husband starts packing stuff away while I make us both a coffee.   This is one of the downfalls of back of the ute camping.   What do you do when it rains, when it's too windy to be outside, when everything is wet and you are too?  This wasn't the case on Saturday but it could be in the future so it is something that we will need to think about and plan for.  Maybe a big tarp that covers the car and comes out far enough to cover the table and sitting area too...Any ideas?

After getting everything packed away it still hadn't started raining so we were thinking of calling in and staying a night at Alexandra Bridge...We called in to have a look around but it was quite full and we were sure that it was going to rain so we decided to give it a miss, maybe come another day.  Really though I think I like Hamlin Bay better...So, we decided to pick up the trailer from daughters place and go on home.   While there she says that the markets are on, were we going?  We hadn't planned to but as we had to drive through the town anyway...and I wanted to stop and call into the bakery and let them know about the rolls...Yes, we would go to the markets.

It still wasn't raining but as we were crossing the road over to where the market stalls were we felt some light rain.  Not much, enough for me to cover the camera and the daughter to cover the baby.

The first stall I stopped at was a guy selling honey.  I stopped and chatted with him, I am interested in how honey sellers market their honey now that I will be doing the same.  Daughter has bought tea from this guy, their lemon myrtle is lovely but he says that they are not going to be doing the teas any more. 

Another stall that had honey for sale.   Different honey, different price...I wonder why someone would buy this honey over the other one.  Or the other one over this...This woman was selling small bags of seed and I bought a few.  Hope I actually get around to planting them.
 This stall was pretty cool.  Full of quirky things, the type of stuff that I like.
 See that blue owl in there.  It is now mine.  Three dollars for that, it is so cute.    Made from a bouy/float and some old tin.  Very clever.  I liked a few things on this stall.  The woman that was here is retired and very interesting to talk with.

By this time though it was raining and I still needed to get over to the bakery.  The others were ready to leave so I did too.

At the bakery I spoke to the owner and told him that I thought his rolls were not fresh, that they felt stale.  He said he had not had anyone else complain, wasn't sure how they could be as he baked fresh every morning...He didn't offer me a refund or even more rolls.  In the end I asked him if he was willing to give me some more so that I could see that it was a once off and he wouldn't get bad things said about his bread.  He didn't want to but did in the end give me 2 rolls.  They were better than Thursdays but really not that soft or tasty and I wont be buying any more from him.  I may try out his loaves of bread but not sure.  

Have you ever been to the Nannup markets?  Do you go to local markets and support the stall holders?  I never used to, I'm tight with money but lately have decided that this is something that I will do.  I will support sellers at local markets.  Of course not all stalls can be supported but I'm sure that buying from 1 or 2 each time I go will not send me broke.


  1. What is a ute? How were you camping that you were going to get wet? Will the owl be put into the garden? Obviously, that guy has breads that are sub-par for fresh goods.

  2. A ute is a...pickup truck? Probably more of a trayback than a well body. Seats 2 or 3 people in the cab part then has a flat tray out the back. Ours has a metal frame with a canvas canopy over it, where we sleep. We would get wet getting in and out and *living* outside.
    The so-cute owl will go in the garden somewhere. I had it on a table outside but it keeps flying off...


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