Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wanda Wont Work...

Well, not like I think she should anyway.
The van is back in the garage being looked at again because it still wont start the way I want it too.  I want to turn the key, wait for the glow plugs, start...Less than a month ago the glow plugs were replaced, new shockies put on...I took it off on an adventure...and felt like the money spent was wasted because really, nothing was different.  It still shakes me up when driving it and it still needs coaxing to start.   AND!  I now have problems with the brake lights staying on.  And coming on when the van hasn't been driven anywhere.  Yesterday we needed to put jumper leads on to get it started, it wouldn't start and husband discovered loose conections so that is easy fixed.  Whether that has been the trouble with it not starting first up or not though will be looked at today.  My mechanic wanted the van overnight so that he can see how it starts (or not) so I am needing to take the blue car away again.  He will look at and fix any problems with the lights and so maybe next month I will be able to take off in Wanda.

I have however still been away.  And been exploring a few different places.  The write-up about them is still coming.  Yes, I am a slck blogger as well as a slack adventurer.

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