Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Over the last month I have been down to the Nannup area.  My first exploration of the town was a Thursday way back in May.    It was raining so not a good day to go off exploring and really I should have picked a different day.  Did go into the library at the Shire offices though.  It's open during office hours and though small has a good selection of books and DVD's.  And very friendly and helpful staff.

There is a Community Resource Centre and that is where a community bus runs from.  That is every fortnight and it goes to a different town.  During June it will go to Bussleton and Manjimup.   I was hoping to be in the area on the right day and so be able to go on it but that didn't happen.

There's a small but cheap opshop.   I bought a real uncool rain jacket.  I ummed and ahhed about getting this as it was *pink*  Turns out that no-one else thinks it's pink and it came in real handy when I went to Yallingup so the $2. wasn't wasted.  Yep!  I'm so tight that I hesitate on spending $2 for a rainjacket.  In Nannup!!

There seem to be heaps of places to eat, like that must be something that people in that area do a lot...coffee shops everywhere.  And there is a lolly shop!  That sells Humbugs.  And Aniseed Balls.  And ChooChoo Bars but these are nowhere near as nice or long lasting and stretchy like they were when I was a kid.  Still, ChooChoo Bars.  Worth buying just for the name.

I will be passing through there again soon.  It's raining here so probably will be there too so no exploring.   I have taken a few photos though and will tell you all a bit about this lovely town when my housesitting duties are over and I am home to stay.   

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