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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nannup, Some Photos.

Nannup is a quaint little town in the Southwest of WA.  It is a quiet area so if you are looking for some peace and quiet in a lovely place this could be for you.  It is a longish drive, maybe 4-5 hours south of Perth, an hour or so from Busselton but of course this all depends on how you drive, weather, traffic...

I didnt stay at the caravan park but did walk passed it and it looks real nice.  Alongside the Blackwood river it looked clean, tidy and restful.   Keep walking along that road and you come to a park area. This looked like it would be great for picnics, walking, bikeriding.

Below is an old railway bridge going over the Blackwood.  There wasn't a lot of water when I took this but there has been a bit of rain since and I have seen this river with lots more water in it.  This spot is the halfway point for the Munda Biddi Bike Trail.  

 This is actually not that bad to sit on though a bit cool on the butt even through trousers.  It looks like it is made from bits of old machine parts and tools.  I like it.

Part of a path.  People were working in this area the couple of times that I was here.  Painting and planting, making things nice...

 There is a row of these shelters, they are pretty impressive looking.

There is a mini golf course (putt putt) near the entrance to this park and though I never went in it did look like it would be a cool way to spend some time.
There is a Lolly Shop.  This is where I bought a different version of my long ago favorite, the Choo Choo Bar.  Nowhere near as good as they used to be though still nice enough to buy a couple whenever I went in.
There is a small library, a Community Resource Centre, Tourist Information Centre, anything that you would expect to be in a small country town.
 I bought a *pink * jacket from the op-shop.  That is situated near the Info Centre and when I was there they had a good selection and most of their prices seemed very reasonable.  

It depends on what you like doing but there really seems to be something for everyone.

It is a nice enough place to use as a base and be able to go off on day trips and explore all the towns within  a couple of hours.  At this time of the year (June) it is cold and wet but in saying that there were some lovely sunny and warmish days while I was there.  COLD mornings though.

I will be back in the warmer months to spend more time looking around.

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