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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Donnybrook Date Day.

A long time ago, back in July so really, is a month a long time...Anyway waaayyyy back in July, the end of so not that far back not even a month, we, Husband and I, had a *date day*  Every now and then I decide we really need to "do something, go somewhere" and I pick a place.   July's pick was a fantastic shop that I had visited for the first time a few weeks before.  That time though I was with other people and didn't feel that I should spend too much time looking around.  But it appealed to me so that was my choice as a *DDD.

 The shop sells a range of secondhand stuff, furniture, bits and bobs...some really old so could be classed as antiques and some really old and could be classed as junk.  My kind of shop.  On my first visit, the quick passing through one, I had seen some security doors for sale and as we were looking for one I was pleased with the different styles and price and decided then that I would be back.   There is a lot of stuff that I want at this shop but only a few things that I needed and so planned on coming back for.

Unfortunately I cannot emember the name of this great shop but will have a look next time I am down that way and make a note of it.  For anyone passing through Donnybrook though it is at the Northern end of town, East side of the highway.  Easily found because it is next to a fruit shop that has these great characters hanging around outside.

Mr Applehead.
Mr Orangehead.

There are these great big wooden boxes that I really like and think are quite reasonably priced but had no room and no real use for them so they stayed there.  I think they were being sold by the fruitshop and not by the fantastic DDD shop.

 And check out these toilets in the carpark of the FruitBarn.  
Aren't these one of the more fun loos that you have ever seen.
 "Hers" is Lady Williams and "His" is Jonathons.  Really, you can't say that is not cool.  
For those that don't know, Donnybrook is an apple growing area and Jonathon and Lady Williams are types of apple.

 And because this DD was taken during a no spend month and so we couldn't buy coffee and cake while out daughter T. made us one.  

We ate this down alongside the river, 'twas nice, both the cake and the setting.

How cool are Date Days.  Do you have date days?  What sorts of things to you do, what places do you visit?


DDD = Date Day Destination.


  1. HAhaha, loving the fruit heads!!! Date days are such a great idea - but Pilchard & I are together almost 24/7, so every day is a 'date day'!!!!

  2. Some of your *date days* sounds like they can't be beat. But 24/7? Not sure about that bit! lol.