Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Well I took the risk with the chooks and stayed overnight.  We were going up to Macalinden to visit husbands family.

We left here Boxing Day morning but Hubby had been into town to fill up his car so I *knew* petrol stations were opened on this public holiday.  I thought I had plenty so didn't bother.  And I knew if I did need some then I could call into Wokolup for it.  Which is what I did after seeing that I had less than half a tank as the way was mostly uphill.  I pull up at the bowser and put the hose in the tank...wait for it to come on...wait some more...look around and notice the closed sign on the door of the shop.  Oops!  Hubby had called into the pub across the road for some drinks to take up with him...but Oops! that too was closed.  Anyway he was there and said we could milk his car when we got up there. 

We get there, park near the house...didn't set up a camp as such though.  We ended up sleeping on the back of the cruiser but I used the van to make coffee at 5am the next day.  I leave there around 10am and come home.

It wasn't an exiting trip, we went to visit his family, I stayed 1 night, I drove home. 
I can do better.  I will do better!

It was good for me though as I had to come home alone and though we'd driven up the same way and have quite often before, there were a few corners that I wasn't sure off and a windy road to come home on.  It's all about confidence building.

And when I do get home the chooks are OK but their gate had come open so I am minus quite a few seedlings that I had put in the week before.  That was better than the fox attack that I was worried about though..  Will find some wire to keep them in.

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