Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Stockton Lake, Collie.

Stockton Lake used to be an open cut coalmine but is now a man made lake that people use for swimming and water skiing.   

The water was very *refreshing*  Clean, clear, beautiful...

 We came in on the west side entrance, the road to the campground was a bit rough but nothing to worry too much about.  It was just a bit potholey.
It was mid-afternoon on a Sunday and there were more than a dozen rigs setup around the area on the west-side.

The photos below were taken from the waters edge looking back towards some of the camping area.
There is a longdrop toilet in this area but a lot of the vehicles there seemed to have their own.

Around the other side of the lake there are cliffs but there are also flat areas for camping.  
There are seperate male and female toilets on this side of the lake.

                 Below is looking West from the cliffs, over the water to the camping area on the other side.

To get to Stockton Lake you drive through Collie, heading East.  Less than 10km from Collie and Hubby turned  right onto Piavanini Road.  I didn't see any signs saying Stockton Lake and did mention that but I should have known better.  Of course he knew the way  to go.  He had probably taken a microsecond to glance at the map while I was trying to work out what it meant.   It always surprises me how he knows where we are, where we need to go and how to get there, even when, like yesterday, the  roads on the maps don't have the same names as the road signs.

I like Stockton Lake and I think I would feel quite comfortable camping here.  I will post about that when it happens.