Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Many moons ago I had planned on camping in the van out at Grimwade Dam but that didn't happen so I had talked Hubby into looking at the place on our way home from Nannup.  
 Grimwade is the site of an old timbermill, no town there now but there is evidence that people once lived there.  I was also told that there was a dam and a pool or pond.

 It was kinda on the way home from Nannup, only had to turn a few corners to get there.  As we were coming from Kirup it was not *my way* but there was a sign pointing the way from Kirup so I didn't think we could get lost.  Hubby looked at the map, had another quick glance as we were driving along, looked at the speedo, slowed down and turned off the road onto some hard to see track.
What the, where are you going? asks I.  We're here, says he.  Oh. OK.
And we were.  I think.
This is where we were anyway.
Grimwade Dam?  Grimwade Pool/pond?

 Are they the same place? No signs on the road before the hard to see track.  No signs on any other tracks leading off the main road.  But this was a lovely spot so we decided to park up and have coffee and lunch.
Very easy with the way the Cruiser is setup to just pull out the tuckerbox and the stove and a chair for me.
It was so peaceful looking out over the water and we could see small marron moving around in the shadows. 
There is a lot of room here, plenty of spaces for car or tents to pull up aroud the water and a great big clear area a short distance away from the water for caravans or bigger groups.
Of course no facilities, it is bush camping at it's best.
 We did drive up a few tracks and had a quick look at where we think the old town used to be.  We have decided to come back and spend some time here exploring. 
I have decided that I am going nowhere by myself.  Hubby drove back onto the main road and I was sure we were lost.  The bituman had changed into gravel and because we came out at a different track I had no idea where we were.  He shows me where we are on the map and I was still scared.  I've decided one of my fears about going anywhere by myself is that I need to know where I am.  Tracks and roads with no signs and maps that are printed upside down without all the new trucking tracks...that scares me.

I wiped away the tears and we stuck to our plan. 
So that I would know how to get there next time, in the van, on my own we came home *my way*  Yeah right.  NO way will I be going that way in the van, on my own.  There are tracks everywhere, hardly any signs, it's gravel, there are big trees all around...sorry, not my thing.  When I go that way again it will be in his car with him or I will go the long way for me via Kirup.

 Eventually we hit real road again and came out at Lowden.  My way we would turn left here and go towards Donnybrook but Hubby went staight ahead towards Wellingtom Mills and Dardanup. 

 And after travelling along some quiet country roads seeing lots of nice country guess where we ended up.  "I KNOW WHERE WE ARE"  Yep, I think I did nearly shout it, it doesn't take much to get me excited.
Yes! We were at Gnomnesville. 

And I didn't have my gnome to leave.  Now I have to go back again...

Called into look at some big trees and come home the *short way*....Miles later we were back on the road to Dardanup and then we turned...We had just done a big loop that added quite a bit to the trip but it was a nice drive so I'm not mentioniing it.

Home and time to start thinking of the next adventure.

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