Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Monday, December 26, 2011

I Said No To Three Days Away...

Took the van for a drive yesterday.   The first decent one it's had since I've had it back.  I even checked the water and oil all by myself!!  I'm getting good...
It went great, no trouble at all and I will be taking it away today as well.  It works geat as a carrier, there is no way I would have gotten a 44gallen drum in my little car.
Todays outing is supposed to be an overnighter for me but I'm rethinking that and am thinking I might come home early.    We are taking 2 cars as Hubby is staying up there for a few days and I definitely wont be doing that.  I have chickens due to hatch, animals to feed and water, gardens will need watering. 
And I'm pretty sure we have a fox hanging around again.  I can smell it out the front and there are diggings near the fence.  I will feel better if I can be home to lock the chooks up in their shed.  If I had my animal sitter in town I might be more inclined to stay overnight but she is away for a few days herself.  This time I am looking after her animals as fairs fair in the going away department.

The van will be ready for anything though so we'll see. 

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