Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Save The World Or Drive More?

After I had finished one of the three sooking sessions while going through Perth last week  and I wasn't the one driving!,  Hubby said that it might be easier if I drove more often in areas that I didn't know and built up some confidence that way.  He suggested that I just get in the van and drive.  Anywhere.  He may be right.  BUT!  I am in two minds.  I want to live simply and frugally and do my bit to *save the world*   Cutting down on petrol usage is a big part of that.  I stay home more than anyone I know and driving just for the sake of it goes against how I think.  But I do want to see more of the state I live in and I do want some *adventures*

I believe that I am a good driver but I see too many idiots on the roads and a couple of them have come quite close to hitting me.  We won't mention that 1 time I nearly wiped someone out on that stupid roundabout  The more often I am on the road then the more chances they will have.

This country is huge and I know that I will never come close to seeing it all but my little corner of the world?  I'd like to see a lot more of that.  And of course that means driving which means using petrol, or diesel in the case of Wanda.   So maybe I should push my conscience aside for a year or two and get out there exploring while I can.  Or I could just look at pictures on the web.  You know, be a watcher and not a doer.  That would save money, fossil fuel and tears.

So do I drive more and use more of the Worlds resource for no real good reason or do I stay home and just do a few one off  trips to places I really want to see.


  1. You know you want to...just do it! I am kind of the same way but this is my year..I am going to get out there and see the great outdoors!

  2. Yes, if I can get her going tomorrow then I will be off somewhere on Thursday. One day or 2 days, undecided yet.