Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Feeling Flat.

Well all my fellow Intrepid Adventurers...Guess what I discovered.

If you don't go on Adventures then when you need to use the van for something else it wont start as the battery has given up the ghost.  
It wont start anyway and it sounds like a flat battery and though I know this happens with cars and I know they are like us people and need to do some moving on a regular basis to stay fit and healthy...I treated my beloved like I treat myself.  And now we are both flat and don't want to move at all.  We both need recharging...

We need an Adventure!!

The battery will be recharged and I am making a list of day trips that I can undertake, fortnightly at least, and hang the last post about saving the world.

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