Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Adventure....To Gnomesville

My planned 2 day adventure was a bit of a fizzle.  I had managed getting the car battery out and recharged and back in the van and she started fine on the Wed so I didn't need a new battery after all.  Early Thursday I started the car again and it started right away, no worries...the adventure was going to be a goer.

I loaded it up, thinking I'd be gone for 2 days, one night so I packed enough for a week.
It was getting close to leaving time when I heard the calf out the back mooing for it's mother.  Found it in the dam paddock but after trying for ages to get the silly thing out I finally gave up and left it there.  Went and got ready to leave, jump in the car, turn the key and ....Nothing.  The damn thing wouldn't start.  I had left the ignition on and 2 doors open from earlier when I started it so the 4 hours must have been enough to drain it enough not to fire.  Never mind I had jumper leads and another car...But no, I couldn't get the jumper lead clamp onto the battery clamp so that was a no-go.

Cursed a bit but it was already an hour later than I wanted to leave so I rang the daughter, told her I was taking the blue car did she want to come....No, so I said I'd pick up her daughter and we'd go for the day.

The original idea was to go for the day and meet up with family at the Donnybrook playground so I went back to that with the thought of a small adventure with the grandaughter on the way home.

On the way home I went looking for Gnomesville.  I knew it was east of Dardenup and I have been here before, many, many years ago but it was a lot further than I remembered and seemed to take forever but we eventually got there. 

There are hundreds of different gnomes at this place, all left by different people, some local, some from Australian states and some from other countries.

 Some are in little box like houses...

Some are alongside the paths and there have beem lots of paths made through the bush and it takes a bit of looking to see some of the hiding ones.

 Some have even climbed the trees to see what they can see...
                                                            There are families of Gnomes.

It's a great place so if you are ever in the area take the pleasant 20km drive and see what you think
Maybe even leave a gnome of your own.  Or maybe you already have.  Let me know if you have and next time I am there I will say hello to it for you.


  1. Such a shame your little adventure fell through. However, it was fun reading about your trip to Gnomesville.

  2. I am looking for a gnome that can come on an adventure with me then go live here and tell them all about it.