Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Friday, December 10, 2010

I Don't Fish... So...

When we went to GreenHead in June and the others went fishing I stayed back at camp.  After them coming back and telling me about the things that they had seen down near the water I decided that next time I would be going along as well.  But I don't fish so what was I going to do?  I would take a book!

So...While we were up in GreenHead, back in November, it was just Hubby and me this time but I did take a book and some magazines to read while he went fishing.
I needed to be on the spot as I didn't want to miss out on seeing *things*

So while he fished for Whiting in Billygoat Bay this was me...

Until I decided that that was a waste of  lovely looking water and went swimming.  Much more fun than sitting on the beach reading.
But wasn't Hubby a Dear to set up a flyproof area for me.

When he went fishing for squid off the jetty I was there.
But it was cold and windy so this time I was rugged up and looked like...
I was warm and cosy though and wasn't going to miss out on seeing any creatures if they were around and seeable...There weren't any though but if there was going to be, I was there.

While he was out in the boat with the bloke from the camp next to us I was out riding along the coastline.  Way down there are these birds.

While he fished in the little cove down behind the caravan park I was there.
I walked along the water and found some creatures.

Yay, I saw some things.  OK they were only black snails but pretty cool. I wonder if you can eat them.

                          There was a cool looking bird there too.

                                     I walked in the water

and discovered the hidden lair of a wolf like creature.

OK, there's a story behind this.  Read it and decide whether I'm *full of it*  Or not.

Hubby and I were walking along a track when we saw a wolflike looking animal up ahead of us.  It wasn't an ordinary looking dog, it made you think 'wolf"  I made him slow down a bit because everyones knows that wolves eat people...Anyway, the next day we were down in this cove and I saw the prints.  They led to a small cave.  There were scratching marks in the sand out front of it..  The cave went back a long way but we could see where the sand had been dug out to make a hollow.  For the "wolf" to sleep in.  We stepped back and walked away.  Goosebumps running up the back of my neck...

I have decided that next time we go somewhere, even if there is fishing involved, I will leave the book and mags back at camp.  There is a lot to see and do out there in this great country of ours and I'm going to see and do it firsthand.  I don't want to be living out of a book.


  1. Hee, are you swimming nekkid? Go team. i think one of you should have crawled into that cave to see what the wolf creature was. And taken a picture of it. and yay you for being so adventurous and involved in the world around you!

  2. The birds are pied cormorants and a Pacific Gull. Looks at awesome spot!

  3. "nekkid" Nunya! On a public beach with people coming and going...what do you think.

    Wendy, thanks for the info on those birds. I love going to this place, it is my favorite spot at the moment but nearly 5 hours drive away.