Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm Going To Look At A Van today.

It is under my budget and fits most of the criteria.
It is automatic.
power steering.
under 200,000km though that wasn't on the list it is good mileage.
Less than 20 years old, also not on the list but we have always had old cars, 'cept for the one I bought near new and always have trouble with...
It was advertised as a campervan but didn't say anything about the setup so that is something that I will see about today.  If it has nothing in it it is not that important, we can do that ourselves but it may affect what I want to pay.

It isn't far away and I rang the guy last night and it was still there so I will ring him again this morning to confirm and we will be off.

If nothing else it will give us a chance to check out some places to stay at Woodman Point.  That place is up the top of our list of places to go and see so this will tell us if it stays there or gets knocked off.

I will be back...

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