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Monday, December 13, 2010

I Looked. I'm Back.

I rang, it was still there so we left.  Fremantle isn't very far from here, maybe an hour and a half...give or take...
We ummed and aahed about whether to take my car or his and finally decided that we'd take mine because if we did buy the van I'd rather drive mine home than an unknown one.  He drove up and we did call into Woodman Point and that area will stay near the top of the list. 

Found our way to where the van was parked and looked it over and talked about it.  It wasn't set up as a camper but had a mattress and some wooden stuff in the back.  A shower cubicle like the two we had bought before was in there.   The body was a bit rough, after all it is nearly 20 years old.  No rust but you could tell some had been cut out and the body repaired.  Bit of a dent.  It had a roo bar but no towball.  .  The bloke was asking $3800.

Because it was a bit rough I thought I'd make an offer of $3500.  If it started OK and the inside wasn't too rough.

So we rang the guy, arranged a time for him to come meet us and went and had lunch while we waited. 

He came, we looked, he opened all the doors and we could see a couple of batteries and an inverter under the bed.  It had seats in the back and the bloke said that they come out or can be turned around.

We are thinking it would be OK to get so ask to start it.  It wouldn't start...he banged on the starter motor and it started but me and Hubby had already decided I think.
I pretended that we were looking at it for our daughter and were a bit concerned about it not starting so he said he'd drop a few hundred off.  Down to $3200.  We have had 2 cars that had to have the SM banged on sometimes before they would start.  Not a big deal, easy enough to replace if needed so I thought his amount was fair.  We were going to get it but something made me say "if we took it now would you take $3000"  He said yes so, done deal. 

He had said he would put 6 months rego on it too so, better deal.  He said we could follow him somewhere and get it licenced and changed over so he drove the van and we followed him about 15 minutes away.   We were behind the van so could see if the flickers were working or if smoke was coming out.  It looked fine.

Got to the licencing centre and the car is now mine!!!

Hubby drove home and says it drives good.  I took it for a drive once we got home but thought it had a very slow take off and pickup but he says that is because it is diesel  But it is a turbo diesel so I just had to put my foot down more.  It will take some getting used to having a very short front but shouldn't be too hard.

I have Ultimate RAC cover so if it conks out while I'm driving it over the next couple of weeks I'll be right but will get it looked at and serviced before I go off in it alone.

Hopefully there wont be any major dramas with it.

We will pull out the bed and all the framework, get it cleaned and decide what we will do on the inside.

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