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Sunday, November 21, 2010

We Ate This. GreenHead, November.

Eating when away camping is still a new thing for me, I mean, I know how to eat, that's obvious when looking at me but menu-planning and what to take away is not easy for me to fiqure out.
At home Hubby rarely  eats breakfast or lunch.  But says that he might when away.  But he doesn't eat cereal.

For this trip I planned on eating fish but took a couple of frozen meals just in case.  I took my oatmix because I need breakfast and it makes a good healthy snack as well.  I just need to add hot water to it so this is an easy cheap meal.  My kind of food.  I took 2 dozen eggs, also quick, cheap, easy but 24 eggs for 2 people over 4 days...maybe too many from a health perspective.  I also took my bread, his bread, bit of fruit, salad from the garden here, some bacon...some other stuff.

The day we left I made myself some lunch, just a sandwich and a banana and put it in the car fridge with us but because he doesn't eat lunch I didn't worry about anything for him.  There was food in the back in the esky though if he wanted to stop somewhere.  Well we had to call into a shopping centre near Perth, looking for a book of maps and a bike part, and when we were walking through the foodhall he decided that he was hungry.  So of course I had to buy something as well. Yep, them's the rules!  It was OK but not planned.  While at the shops he bought some sausages and some fish royales.  There's faith in your fishing abilities.
I had my lunch for tea that night because he didn't want anything. 

Friday.  He had caught a feed of fish so that's what we had for tea.  With eggs.
Saturday. We cooked up the sausages for tea with the intention of taking the rest with us on our visit to the caves the next day.
Sunday. Hubby caught a couple of squid in the afternoon so of course, Salt and Pepper Squid for tea.  With salad.
Monday. Fish Royales and salad for tea with the extras being put in the car-fridge for travelling home.
One day we had bacon and eggs for brunch.  One day we had "rotten banana pikelets" for breakfast and I had them again for lunch.  Eggs were had one day for breakfast, I don't think I ended up having any of my oatmix at all..  We did manage to get through all the eggs.  I like eggs and it's just as well seeing as we get so many from our chooks.
The frozen meals that I took were kept frozen and were brought back home and are back in the freezer.

Salt and Pepper Squid that Hubby caught and cooked.

Add a salad that I grew and put together and we had a yummy, healthy meal.  Much better than we get at home!  Even the beetroot and the Bread and Butter pickles were grown and pickled by me.

I took up some bananas to snack on, these were originally rescued from the pig food crate and were yellow to start with but then I left them in the esky for a couple of days.  But we can't waste stuff so what to do? 

Add a couple of eggs, some SR flour, some of my oatmix and there you go.

All up we ate really well.  Too many biscuits, bought ones too!! but not much other rubbish stuff.  The chips he took up came home with us but didn't last the first night back here.  I took up cooking oil in a jar, Hubby would rather it in a bottle so I need to find a short one that will stand up in the food box.  There wasn't anything that we wanted and didn't have so I think we did good.  There's not much that needs working on in the food department, I just need to refill things so we are ready for next time.

Oh, I did forget a dish/bucket/bowl to make washing the dishes easier.  And we could have done with a few more clean clothes.  Apart from that, we were sorted.

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