Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Going to GreenHead.

We are off to GreenHead again, either this afternoon or early tomorrow, depending on when I can be ready by.  I have had 3 months since our last trip so more than enough time to have everything organised but I didn't do a damn thing and now I have to do it all.  In fairness though I did think we were leaving on Saturday and that I would have 3 days to get everything sorted but he sprung it on me that we would leave earlier and stay away longer.  I should have been ready anyway but I am such a S.A. that I never do things until the last minute.

And instead of being out there doing it this morning I have been out in the garden planting stuff.

I need to find my list and check the camping box, decide what food to take...but I'm not sure how much I need...lots to do...so I better get out there and make a start.

I am hoping to get some use from my Whiz while we are away
and then do a report when we get back so that will be a post for
you all to look forward to. 

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