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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Shark Bay. Days 2 and 3.

I would be the first to admit that I am not the best blogger.  My life is not full of the exciting adventures that I was hoping for at this age.  But to not blog about some place that I actually have been too?  Bad blogger! 
After day 1 comes day 2 and 3 and already I am having trouble remembering.  So much for all my whinging to the husband about us needing to make memories before one of us dies. 
I had to ask him what we did on the Sunday and Monday so I am thinking that I really need a write-in diary of some kind so that I can put the days happenings in whenever I go somewhere, do something.  The trouble there would be remembering to do it though. 

He reminded me that we went to the markets on the Sunday. 
Around the corner from the cottages is a little shop, we buy whatever we need from here.  The prices are very reasonable and even a tighty like me doesn't mind buying supplies from here.  Saturday afternoon when we were checking it out I noticed a sign in the window about Shark Bay Markets, held monthly and tomorrow being the day.  How lucky for us.  
So Sunday we walked around the corner, up the hill, passed the school, down the road to where the markets were being held.  Husband, daughter and I had already been for a walk to find out where they were so there was no chance of us getting lost.  They are held next door to the putt putt course and we have been here before.  

Now I *know* that I took photos while we were at these markets but I have been through both cameras and cannot find them so I will just tell you what I thought of them.  They were small, much smaller than I expected.  Not many stalls, only a couple of craft stalls that looked like local people selling what they make.  I was sure that we would find some locally made beanies and scarves, we wanted beanies.  There was one woman there knitting and selling but she only had the one fancy beanie, we were after fishing beanies.  
There was a fruit and veges stall, down from Carnavon.  Daughter wanted us to buy a watermelon.  Yeah OK, you going to carry it?  We bought bananas instead.    On the way out we re-passed a stall selling new clothing, it looked like it was bought bulk not locally made.  I didn't see any beanies but asked and down the bottom of a box she found 3 at $4.99 each so we bought 2.   The coldheaded couple could have should have bought warmer, nicer, cheaper beanies from the op-shop before leaving home.   Just saying...
Over all I was disapointed in these markets.

The things you see on the quiet walk home...

 Lucky they were let off and were allowed to continue on their way.

Monday...they put the boat in and went fishing.  I walked, and read.  I was planning on going to the library but it was a public holiday so that wasn't open.  Did some more riding, walking, reading...

They caught a decent amount of fish, it makes a difference when all on the boat have their boat fishing licence.  We had fish for tea and there was still plenty to put in the freezer to bring home.

Daughter took up a pack of cards and it was fun to spend the evenings playing assorted card games, some of which I haven't played for years.  Good fun.

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