Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Walk To The Point. Day 4.

After seeing them off at the jetty for their day out on the charter boat I walked back along the path to the boatramp across from the cottages where we were staying.    I took a photo of them heading Westward, the same direction as I would be but they were out there and going a lot faster than me.
I started off feeling all confident, heading Westish which in itself was strange as at home if I was out at the beach and heading Westward then I'd end up in the water.   Different up here though.
My destination was what I call *the point*   It looks so far away that I start having second thoughts. 
I didn't change my mind though, I just figured I'd walk, rest, walk, rest, as needed.  It started off quite easy, walking along the beach but  there seemed to be more water and less beach to walk on than I remembered.

After a short period of walking in the sand I came to some rocks that were too close to the waters edge so climbed around them, back on the sand again, a bit more sand walking then more rocks so up again...

 This time though I couldn't get back down to the sand so had to mountain goat it up a rocky hill, around then back down again.   I didn't remember this from last time so I stopped and when looking and thinking I realised that the tide was in and there was too much water for the easy walk along the beach.  Never mind, I had a few hours  to spare so kept going.    

I still have so far to go, that's it way up there.

 I have to get back down there to the water
  If I can get down to the beach again it will be a lot easier.
I eventually come across a track.

Once down on the beach the going was easier and I knew that I should soon come across a sandbar then a track up to a lookout with a picnic table and shelter.  I was hanging out to reach this as that was where I planned to have a decent drink and my Orange.
Came to the first sandbar but this time there was still a lot of water over it.

 I need to get over this water and up to that shelter.  It wasn't very deep so I waded across, only got a little bit wet.

Up a steeper than it looks track
 And once up the top I could see the second sandbar.  Made it!

 While I was sitting under the shade shelter drinking my water a dog came up to me and then it's owner.  He had walked here from town too but he had come along the road and then this track.  A lot easier than my way but not half as much adventurous.

 Getting ready to walk down the track to the beach and back to town, that's the sandbar down there, still has water over it but maybe not quite as much...
Looking back toward town, so far away.  What seemed like a great idea an hour ago now not so much...

 At least the tide was going out and I could walk along the sand, so much easier.

Nearly back to where I started, another 100 or so metres then a coffee at the cottage before going down to see if the charter was in yet.

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