Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Shark Bay, Day 4. Fishing Charter.

On the Tuesday the 3 of them went out on a Charter Boat.  They booked this not long after we arrived at the cottages and husband goes out on this charter each time he comes up here.  Mac Attack is the name of the boat, a small boat compared to some of the others but that is one of the things they like about it.

 They had chosen a half day morning charter, it leaves at 8am so we get down there and wait around for 15 minutes.  It was interesting seeing the bigger boats and this small one getting ready for their day out on the water.  This Tuesday that they picked was one of the better days to go out, much less windy than most of the days we had while up there.

Them standing around waiting gave me a chance to practice using the new camera that the son gave me...I need more practice, I keep forgetting to change the focus thingy.  My guys had booked but 2 men showed up on the morning to go out too.  Another of the things they like about the smaller boat is that there are less people.

Right, they leave and I have the rest of the morning to myself.  I planned on walking along the beach up to the point.  I did this walk last time I was here, near on 10 years ago and though I was a lot fitter then I was pretty sure that I could still do it.  And I did.  Go me!

I was back before the boat was due in so around 12.30ish I started hanging around the jetty, riding up to the end of town and coming back, walking up the road then coming back...Looking out for their boat coming in...
The half day charter is supposed to be back in at 12.30 but before they left I did hear the skipper ask if anyone needed to be back in then.  His decky said she needed to be in by 2.30 so I knew they'd be back by then.  More walking, sitting and watching, waiting...It was just after 2.30 when I saw the boat coming in so I walked down to the jetty to meet them.

I kindly allowed the daughter to take my new!! camera out with them, she better get me some photos of all the sea creatures they see.  Oh, yeah, and them catching big fish...

 Ooooh, looks like someone has caught something.

Charter boat, big money, deep water, big fish...Yes?  Not always.
Don't ask me what they are, they are fish.  They were after Pink Snapper, don't know if these are them but they are too small regardless.

Maybe She will show them how it's done.

Did they find some fish to catch?  The 2 blokes that showed up before the boat left didn't catch anything, poor fellas but the skipper gave them some that he had caught and so did our lot so it wasn't a wasted trip for them.
I was more interested in what sea life they had seen but apart from a sea snake and a turtle there wasn''t anything I missed out on.

You catch lots of big fish and don't bring the car then you need to carry said big fish back to where they will be cleaned.  Here's a tip, have a container of some sort to put the fish into.  No container?  Strong plastic bag might work.  Weak plastic bag...not so good.  Even when you use 2 or 3 together.  Fish have sharp pointy bits and it seems that even dead fish try to escape.

 The walk from the jetty to the fish cleaning area across from the cottages isn't very far but it seems that a bag of fish can get heavy and need a carrying person changeover. 

The worst thing about catching any fish is the cleaning of it and these guys had a lot to clean.  That's the reason they come though so there wasn't too much complaining.
Long Toms.

Seems like I know what a Long Tom is...I do know they also caught Black Snapper, Pink Snapper, Rankin Cod, and Estuary Cod, Mackeral..It all tastes good so we had fish for tea again and lots more in the freezer to take home.

The afternoon after the charter was spent sleeping by some and card playing by others.


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