Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Short Stay In Denmark, WA. Day 3.

I slept in and didn't get up until 5.30 but as the husband had voiced his displeasure the day before about all the noisy birds and had slept with earplugs I climbed out quietly and walked down to the river to see what I could see.  Only one boat going out but a few walkers with their dogs were up and about.   It was a bit cooler this morning, quite windy but I figured a ride would warm me up so I hurried back to camp and grabbed the bike and went exploring by myself.   The sign says the trail goes to a beach, 7.5km away.   We will find out next time we are there, this time I just rode a bit more than 3 km along the track then figured it must be time for a coffee.so turned around to come back.

On the way back I stopped and checked out a few of the shelters that are along the way.  The first one I looked at was number 3, called Bandicoot I think.  The track was a bit overgrown but easy enough to follow and the shelter was close to the water.  It was rundown but had seats and could be used if needed.

The thing I thought was real sad was that there was a plaque on the wooden seat in front of this shelter, a tribute to some old pioneer of the area.  But it didn't look looked after and I wondered how many people knew it was there or ever gave thanks to these guys.
The track to the next shelter I stopped to look at was more overgrown and I couldn't get to the shelter at all.  The last one I checked out was the first from the start of the track and this one was close to the track and looked new.  Same setup with table and bench seats inside.

  This is the view from the walk bridge looking out toward Wilson Inlet.
After getting back to the start of the ride I took the photos.  It was still early but time to go back to camp for coffee.

Me ol' deadly treadly was picked up from roadside rubbish a few years ago and does me well on all sorts of tracks. A couple of people have said that I should buy a new decent one but until this ones breaks down completely I will keep it.  I should give it a bit of a clean and a spray with something maybe...and one day I might...until then...It works a treat.

 Husband was still asleep but a bit of coffee making noise roused him and soon he too was up. Coffee together, a short walk, back for breakfast then packup and leave time.  We pulled out of Denmark at 9.30AM and headed for home with no unnessaseary stops planned.

We came home along the Albany Highway and of course there were a few stops.  He needs a smoke and a stretch of legs for safe driving, I need to unkink...but even without the sightseeing stops it was a long way home.   
Not too far from home we call into a stop along the Murray River, we have been here before in the van but I was too SookyLaLa to drive too close and look for the spot he wanted.  This time, in his car, he had no qualms about what sort of condition the tracks were in.  He needed to finf a crossover.  He hasn't been over it for quite a few years but had some idea where it was and it wasn't too long before he found the fjord that we needed to cross this river. The water looked so inviting and we were so hot and tired that we took time out for a splash and a bit of a soak.  

We swam this side of the rocks and log, Lovely,
.  Then back in the car and across the river and up the otherside to find the track that would bring us home.   Horrible, horrible track!  Lovely drive through the bush though and it did save us a bit of time.

Home and inside for coffee.  But no!  Husband says seeing as it's Wednesday he might go fishing.  OK, But first I had to feed the animals.  Daughter was here so she helped then we got the fishing gear ready, something packed for tea and within half an hour we had left again.  It was 8.30PM and dark by the time we got home.  Had a dozen or so fish for the freezer but I was more than ready for bed.  Hubby too as he had to work the next morning.  It was a full on three days but well worth it.  Husband says next time he wants longer if we are going so far and that's OK.
Next time though might just be an overnighter to check out that river we crossed.  We'll see.


  1. Love reading about your adventures Barb, and taking notes for when we can do something similar.

  2. Thanks Jan, it's great fun so I hope you do get the chance to.