Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Short Stay In Denmark, Day 2.

Tuesday.  14 February.
Happy Anniversary To Us...25 years married today.   The reason we came down.

I was laying in bed wondering when the sun would be up when all the birds started their early morning song so I too got up to welcome the new day.  It was 4.57AM.    Put the water on for coffee when I heard the husband making noises so I added enough water for him, told him it was time to get up...and we were drinking our coffee before the sun could be seen.   A walk down to the river to watch  a couple of boats go out then back for breakfast and a planning of our day.
There was so much to see and couple of things that I wanted to do so it was important to get an early start.

Firstly we drove out along Inlet Drive and looked at a few beaches along there, all the beaches that we saw had clean white sand, lovely clean beautifully coloured water...
Our plan was to call in and have a look at a few beaches but my main want was to get to Elephant Rocks. 

Lights beach was one of the first, we didn't go down just looked out and watched a couple of fishermen not catch anything.  Went to Madfish Bay, Waterfall Beach.  That was pretty cool with a small waterfall  coming out of rocks and flowing across the sand into the sea.   On to Elephant Rocks, a short walk to Greens Pool where I was going to swim but decided I liked Elephant Cove better so we trekked back to that.  There was a lot more people there this time as it was getting later and starting to warm up.  We went in though and had a quick swim, lovely.

We swam here, the water was so cold.

Greens Pool.

Waterfall Beach.
 There are so many beautiful beaches and magnificent rock formations in this area.  Too many to see in the one day but the few we did call into has whetted our appetite for more.  
Eventually though we had to leave to go onto other places.

 Bartholomews Meadery
We called into here mainly because I had been told that they have yummy icecream and I wanted to see if that was true.  Well, that's my excuse anyway.   It was also good seeing all the stuff relating to bees and honey Because Hubby works with bees I thought it all very interesting.  A lady there asked us if we wanted to try a few tastes of Mead, Hubby wasn't interested but I was.  I tried 4 different types, a couple were quite nice but I am not a wine drinker and wont be a mead drinker so we didn't buy any.  We were interested in the honey icecream but there were so many flavours it was hard to decide.  Husband had a double and chose a coffee and a hazelnut flavour.  I had a single but the lady was kind enough to let me choose 2 flavours as well.  I chose cinnamon and something and rose.  Different flavours that I wouldn't otherwise try.   Of course I tried his and he tried mine.  The coffee was really strong but nice, the hazelnut was yummo.  Of my 2 flavours the rose was the nicer one.  The icecream wasn't really creamy though, more a grainy texture but at $3.95 for a big single serve I thought they were good value.

Toffee Factory, and a bit on the side.
 Another place where we wanted to try their icecream.  It was boasted as having the biggest cones so we came to see if that was true.

When we walked into the shop there was so much to look at and straight away the woman there came over and suggested that we try some of the samples they had set out.  I think there was a sample of everything they made and we probably had a taste of it all.  I resisted buying anything but husband bought a jar of some yummy chilli tomato passionfruit jam.
I think I would have bought a few different things if I wasn't so tight. I did think that things were a bit overpriced but maybe $9.90 for 300gm is fair?  Dunno.

The Toffee Factory also makes and sells cider.
There were samples of this available too but neither of us tried any.

After sampling everything we chose our icecream flavour.   We had seen the cups that the icecream would be served in and thought yeah, bigger than a normal cone but nothing special.  Looked at some more stuff while the lady made them and were kinda shocked when they came out twice as big as we expected.  These icecreams were smooth, soft, creamy.  We did discover though that they are not made on site but bought in as Bulla Icecream and put through a machine with the added stuff and mixed so that it comes out as a soft serve.  Husband had Blackberry and I had a peanut brittle crunch.  It was yummy icecream though and if we were to choose between this and the one from the Meadery this would probably be the one we would choose.  Maybe.  I was undecided but Husband preferred his from here.  Under $5 for a massive serve, too big seeing as we had not long had the other one!

The Maze.

It was getting on in the day and we still had stuff to do so we headed back into Denmark.   Had to call into the Maze as it was on our way.  I remember coming here many years back, must have been on our way to somewhere else but I still would have gotten stuck if the husband wasn't with me.  I think it was worth the couple of dollars donation that was being asked.

Back into town and back to camp.  Time to see if any more fish could be caught in the river.  No, not by us anyway so we drive out to Lights Beach.  Hubby sets up and starts catching fish, I sit on the sand and write a couple of letters then go off for a wander.  No swimming here as it was windy and too cool for me but a few others were in the water.    He catches a couple of feeds then calls it a day and we head back to the river mouth where there is a fish cleaning area.  As soon as we move to the cleaning area Pelicans and seagulls come from all over and stand in front of the shelter.  They all know that this is where they could get a free feed.

We ended up with a couple of feeds of fish bagged up ready to take home and after cleaning up the area it was time to go back to camp and clean ourselves up ready for our special meal.

Our plan for an anniversary dinner was to ride in and have hot chips on the river but as it was later and getting dark by the time we had a shower we drove in and parked near the playground near the river and went looking for a fish and chip shop.  No such luck, if there is one there we didn't find it.  Next choice pizza.  Nope couldn't find a pizza shop either.  Chicken Treat?  Not that keen so lets walk and look again, surely there is a F & C shop in town.  Walking past the pub we see a sign, Takeaway, fish and chips $9.95.  Husband says pub meals are usually pretty good so he goes in and buys one and meets me under the trees on the riverbank.  We open the packet and I am pleasantly surprised.  Two nice size bits of fish, chips and salad, more than enough for both of us.  No fork though but we aren't fussy and salad can be eaten with your fingers.  It's messy...but can be done.   This was one of the nicest takeaways meals I have had in a long time so if you are down that way don't be afraid of trying the pub meals.  So much better than Chicken Treat would have been.  By the time we were finished it was nearly 8.30 and we were both ready for bed so back to camp and an end to a lovely Anniversary day.   Thanks Babe.

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