Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Few Days In Denmark, Day 1.

We have been down to Denmark.  It is as lovely as I was told it would be.

I had been reading some blogs, that's where I learn about all the nice places in WA, from reading about where the people from *over East*  go when they travel over here.  On a couple of blogs I had seen the name Elephant Rocks and it sounded different so I looked it up and it looked nice.  Something that I'd like to see in person and I didn't think Denmark was that far away.   So we went.

Unfortunately we only had a few days and it is a good 4 hour drive to get there and I need regular stops to undo all the kinks I get plus I like to stop off and see places on the way...So our 4 hour drive took a tad longer!

We left home later than we wanted to at 8.30am, headed South on the Southwest Highway, down through Donnybrook, Bridgetown, Manjimup eventually coming to our first proper spot to check out.  This was Fernhook Falls.     I had been told that it was a nice spot to camp but I wanted to check it out for myself. 

The falls didn't have any water but Rowels Pool was full and inviting so I went swimming even though the water was cold.  I mean, that's what you do on adventures isn't it.  Hubby says no, you don't swim in dark cold water.  We agree to disagree, I swam he didn't.  The water is clean but because it is surrounded by trees it has tannin in it so is dark and it looked like I was swimming in a lake of cold tea.  Pretty cool.

After my swim we walked back to the car then drove down to the campsite, checked out a cabin, read some of the walls...   This cabin has bunks for 2 people and benches along the walls with a little potbelly stove for warmth when you need it.   There is a fireplace outside to be used during the cooler months, table and bench seats.  Toilets out behind.   Back into the car and on our way again.

It was a shame that we didn't have more time as it would have been nice to stop and have a look around Walpole but we had a destination and no more time for looking elsewhere.

Once we were in Denmark we pulled over so the husband could have a look at the map then went and checked out the couple of caravan parks that we had on our list to use as our basecamp.  The first park was second on my list, it looked clean but busy but was real close to the river and estuary.  But big and busy. 
The second park was my original preferred choice but after driving around it and checking out the river and the paths into town we went back to the other one. 

So we booked into the Rivermouth Caravan Park,
 found a site, unloaded the Cruiser
then rode the bikes on the track along the river the short distance into town.   

Had a too quick look there, bought some food from a small IGA then back to camp for a coffee before Husband tried his luck fishing in the river.  We picked a spot a short distance from the bridge near the caravan park.   There were people swimming just up from us but it wasn't hot enough for me.  The water here is like the water at Rowels Pool at FernHook Falls.  Dark due to all the tannins from the trees.  It is a murky dark colour but still clean.  We caught nothing here so rode up closer to the mouth.  He had a few bites here and finally caught something for tea   Once it was dark and the mozzies were out we rode back to camp, showered, cooked up the one fish, some bacon, some eggs, ate tea, quick cleanup then into the back of the cruiser to sleep 'til morning.

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