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Monday, October 24, 2011

Did I?

No I didn't.
I think Daughter was a bit disappointed, we are both looking forward to having our own vans again but she knows I am happy to let her have Wanda for a while longer.

We think her van is ready but she was busy Saturday, the bloke told them it should be ready on Saturday but didn't give a time, they had places they had to be that morning/early afternoon and rang just after noon to see if it was ready to be picked up...and the garage was closed.  So no van picked up while she was in town and she wont be back for another couple of weeks.

As luck has it that suits me anyway as I a will be too busy over the next couple of weeks to get it set up again let alone go anywhere so there is no big drama. We did talk about if I had time I could pick it up myself and drive down to Nannup, stay the night and bring mine back but I won't be able to now.

There is a chance that her husband might be able to do that but that depends on his work commitments.

So no van BUT!!!  I have a definite 5 night adventure coming up real soon, without the van so a bit colder and rougher in places but it will bee SO MUCH FUN!! 

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