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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Myalup Easter Fair.

This fair is on every Easter at Ottrey Park out at Myalup.  We have a caravan out there so have been to this fair a few times and enjoyed them all.   This year we didn't stay out there but drove from home here.  It was busy, cars everywhere but our driver managed to get us quite close so we didn't have the usual long uphill walk.  Thanks J.

It cost us a gold coin donation to get in but that gave us a ticket in a door prize raffle.  We didn't win but someone did go home with a massive basket of Easter goodies.

There were all sorts of stalls at this fair, a lot to help raise money for the community but a few small business type ones too.  There was a bouncy castle, gold coin to get on so the grandkid had a few goes on that.  An Easter egg hunt and sandcastle building comp for the kids.  A chocolate wheel.  I had a win on that one.   A pet parade and Easter bonnet comp.  A decorated bike comp.  Lots of fun stuff for kids to be involved in.  The woman dressed as a butterfly and walking around on stilts was a big hit with the kids.

There were stalls selling second hand stuff, books, games, plants, etc...On the way out I bought a glass chess set, a light for my pushbike, snakes and ladders game, books, everything was cheap and I could have bought lots more than I did but my transport home was waiting for me.

After walking around a bit we came across a stall selling fruit and veg.  A lovely, fresh looking, inviting stall.  It was in complets contrast to the stall at the Harvey Harvest Festival that we went to a few weeks ago.  This stall was something that needs to be put up at the next Harvey Festival.  It made me smile just seeing it, the produce was donated and selling quickly.  For some reason though I didn't take a photo so I have no proof of how wonderful this stall was...HoHum...

There was a tent with different displays about caring for our coastline and marine animals. Kids got to *rescue* the dolphin and other water creatures by pulling plastic and other rubbish off of them.  They got to see how the wind causes erosion and how vegetation helps keep the sand in it's place.

Some of them had fun playing with the farm that was in danger of being covered in sand...

There were food stalls so we bought lunch and sat in the shade to eat it.  Some stayed and played while us others did more looking.

The fair started at 10am, we got there soon after and it was already very busy.    And quite warm, hot even, something that none of our group was prepared for.  None of us had hats, stupid really and no excuse and because I took a different bag and went in daughters car my water was a bit scarce too.  I know, I could have filled up somewhere there but didn't think to until we were in the car pulling out into the traffic and I needed a drink  Lucky we don't live too far away.

Comparing this fair to the Harvey festival is probabty not real fair, different towns, different reasons, different people wanting to go.  The Harvey one would have had more people, more money being spent but I liked the family/community aspect of the Myalup one. I think the Myalup one was more family friendly and a great day out wouldn't cost a lot.  I know I came home with money still in my purse.  To me the Harvey Festival was more commercial, I think that's why I was disapointed with it.  This one was more my idea of a family fair.

I probably wont go to the Harvey one again.  I will go to the Myalup Easter Fair next year.  Maybe I'll see you there too.

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