Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Two Days In Nannup.

I camped.   Alone.  By myself.   With no-one else.    I was with Wanda. and even though she is old and decrepit I did feel pretty safe.  Like I was told, there are no boogiemens in Nannup.

I stayed at the caravan park on an unpowered site.  Go me.   Mind you, once it was dark I set up the light inside and locked myself in but we all have to start somewhere don't we.  And it was only the1 night there but still...

I rang early in the week and booked a site as I was umming and ahhing about going down and figured that once I booked I had to go so that's what I did.  Glad I did too, I am not using Wanda as much as I want to but do hope to use her more this year.  

I went the long way down to Nannup, turning off at Boyanup and going through towards Capel to the Bussell Highway then onto Sues Road.  I have done this a couple of times now, it adds an extra 10-15 minutes to the trip but if I am feeling SookyLaLa it somehow adds to my peace of mind.   I came home our usual way, through the hilly windy road across to Kirup and back through Donnybrook even though it was raining and there was more chance of 'roos.  Go figure.  It's hard to understand myself sometimes.

Anyway, once I signed in at the park I found my spot and set up.  Not a lot to that.  After parking, driving in, reversing out, reversing in, driving out and then doing that again I decided enough was enough and good enough was going to have to do.   Open windows and put the screens on, open the door and set up the table so I could make myself a coffee...that's it.
Notice the all important flyscreens on the front doors but the back door wide open with no netting...luckily  there were no flies down there this time.
I did get the sidedoor screen up before I left but with the door shut it wasn't needed anyway.  HoHum...

After a coffee I walked down to the river but not much to see there so I went the other way into town.  Found the BookNook and borrowed a book that I will take back next time I am down there.  The BookNook is somewhere to borrow books, for free, different to the library in that you can take unwanted books in and leave them for others to read.

After walking the streets of Nannup I went back to the van to have something to eat.  Oops!  I forgot I might need food and didn't pack an esky to bring but luckily I have a box of stuff kept in the van all the time.  Yummm, 2 minute noodles...I had nearly finished these, eating them out of the pot to save on washing up, when I saw some bloke walking across the park towards my area.  Thought he looked familiar so kept watching him...Yep, I know you, hello!  Turns out he had heard that I was there and came to see if I wanted to go out and have a meal with him.  Bugger!  Twenty minutes earlier and I could have been eating out with a bloke that speaks french.  

Close to dark I set the lights up, intending to sit out and read before bed but as it got darker I gave up on that idea and retreated into the van, locked all the doors and read for a bit waiting 'til 8-30 so I could go to bed.  Slept all night and was up at 5 for morning coffee before a walk along the river.

Was enjoying my river walk then came across this...

Oh well, turn around and go back the way I came.

I had put oats on to soak before I left so back to the van for breakfast.    
I think I need to get myself organised, not home now you know, and because the van is so small it gets messy when I don't tidy as I go and put things away when I have finished with them.

I had kinda made the bed but that container there should have been back under it and out of the way.  The box up the top with the red pillow on was full of stuff that I had brought down for the Free Markets.  That should have been put on the front seat out of the way.

Really Really Free Markets.  This is why I had come down to Nannup this weekend.  I like the concept and want to support them so made the 2 hour drive with a box of stuff to give away.   There weren't many people there but we all got to eat gourmet pizza, a few different sorts made throughout the morning with fresh local ingredients.   Nice.  Made and donated by Charlie of YoHo PizzaYollo  and much appreciated by everyone there.  Thanks Charlie.

Charlie has is own woodfired oven and this pizza is nothing like the store bought or fast food types.  Made fresh with all local ingredients.  I even saw him go into the community gardens where these markets are held and picked some tomatoes to use.  You can't get fresher than that.

 One woman has set up a small library, borrow for a month and bring them back to the next market.

I brought home some books, like I need more but hey, they needed a new home and mine is available.  I now have a turbo oven thing, sits on the bench and cooks food.  I don't have a stove or oven at my place so will try this and see if it makes meals easier.  If not it can go back some time for someone else. 

Saturday afternoon, after the markets daughter and I went for a drive over to Balingup to visit the Golden Valley Tree Farm, back to Nannup to pick up the van then out to her place to walk the dogs then watch a movie before bed.  Of course I slept outside in the van, which turned out to be parked on a bit of an angle that I didn't notice until I was lying down.  It wasn't too bad but is something that I will have to be aware of when parking up for the night.
It was raining when I woke Sunday morning so I had to stay in the van while making and drinking my coffee.  The little fold down table that the husband made comes in handy at times like this and with the windows and top vent open there is little danger of fumes.

Looks like I didn't pick the prettiest spot to park either, next time I'll try and remember to park where there are no poles to interrupt the view.   I could still see all the kangaroos down in the paddock though.

We took the dogs for an early morning walk, back for breakfast and another coffee, a bit of reading...I didn't want to leave too late but wanted to wait long enough for the 'roos to be away from the roads.  The road between daughters place and the town itself is very kangarooy in the mornings so I wanted to give them plenty of time to get back in the bush.  It worked, no kangaroos but did have to stop for an emu.

I fuelled up in Nannup as I was trying to decide on if I would go home or turn at Donnybrook and come home via Collie.  As I got closer to Donnybrook and it didn't look like it was going to clear up much I continued straight ahead and came home.  Collie will be done another time.


  1. Hi Barb, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your trip to Nannup.
    Cool, camping by yourself. I like your van setup too.
    That market is a beaut concept and I wish something was like that over here in Vic. Will have to do some research!
    Cheers now :D)

    1. Hi Susan. Maybe you could set something up...

      I need to camp more, there are so many places I want to see and I shouldn't let SoolyLaLaness stop me.