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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Peel Zoo.

Peel Zoo is off Pinjarra Road, close to the town itself.  Turn at the Pinjarra lights if you are on the Southwest Highway and it's only a few minutes to the golfcourse where you turn again.  Or head East on Pinjarra Road if you are coming from the Mandurah end and turn at the golf course.

We, me, daughter, her daughter, went at the beginning of February.  It was a lovely day.

Peel Zoo is a small privately owned zoo that allows you to interact with some of the animals.  If you are not too scared to get in the enclosures with them.  If you are too scared then you can stay outside and watch the others being headbutted and followed all around the pen by too friendly animals.

 The walk-in aviary has heaps of birds, many that come down and sit on your shoulder, arm, foot, head.  There is a big bowl of fruit in there so that you can entice them closer.


We were given a map on entry and using this and following the path and numbered pens allowed us to easily find any animal that the kid wanted to see.   Again and again and again…

 You can buy a $3 bag of food to feed to some of the animals.  Some were more polite in having their share than others were.

                  Pee Zoo is very into breeding Tasmanian Devils and they now have quite a few there.  

One animal that I was in 2 minds about seeing there was the fox.  I don't like these thing, not when they are in my yard killing my chooks anyway.  But the ones here were friendly and as we were patting them I didn't think of them as killers.  
The fox does have a very distict smell though and that was noticeable when around these cages.  It is one way that I can tell when they have been around the house and yard so not an altogether bad thing.


Getting to hold a snake was a highlight for us, the young ferret was pretty cute, petting a kangaroo got points with the grandchild…the alpaca spitting at the daughter, not so much fun for her but made me laugh.

This zoo has a breeding program for Tasmanian Devils and seeing the many that were there it looks like it is successful.

The zoo itself is well cared for, the staff friendly and helpful and the animals are friendly too especially when they see the $3 bag of food bought to feed them with.

The zoo doesn’t sell people food so take a picnic or some snags to cook on one of the free barbecues that are there.

I thought it was quite dear at $18 for adults and $9 for kids as young as 3 but I have since seen that they have yearly tickets that can be bought for $65 and $40, only during May and June but if you live in the area I think that would be a great thing to have as it would be a lovely spot for a weekly or monthly picnic.

Have you been?  Tell me what you thought of it.

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