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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kings Park.

Last year I went with a friend to Perth and on the way home we drove through Kings Park, stopped for a bit, looked at the view and I resolved then to sweet talk the husband into bringing me back for a proper look around.     We went on the first Monday in December, 2012.

Coming from south of Perth we took the Forrest Highway, that becomes the Freeway and we followed that all the way up to the Mounts Bay Road exit, turned onto that, around past the old Swan Brewery, up a bit then turned right at some lights onto Winthrop, right again onto Poole and we were in the park.  We first drove around to the Dinosaur Playground where we parked. 

I liked this area, lots of massive climbonable creatures, large expanse of grass, playground, barbecues...There was a cafe if you like that sort of thing, we don't so I can't comment on food or prices.  It was quite busy though

There is a playground island that lots of kids were having fun on.

My favorite was the Crocodile like creature.

The others were OK too though.

A structure called the Windy Walk and yes I talked the husband into walking it with me.   We had to check it out to see if it would be safe for the grandkid.  Yes we did.  

After walking around this area and spying the sign pointing the way to the DNA Tower we decided to walk the 1.4km to that then come back and get the car and drive to a different area.
So we walked, walked and kept walking. I'm sure the sign was wrong...but finally we could see what we were headed for.

 This is looking back from where we came.  See, it is a long way and I was right to be huffing and puffing!

Looking towards the city.

This one is to show that I really did climb it.

Now after climbing this tower we were going to walk back to the car and drive to the other end of the park then have lunch before exploring some more.    But we saw a sign...something else was only 300metres the other way and 300 metres isn't far so we'll do that first.  Then another sign, then another until we were *this close* to the treetop walk that I wanted to do.   So much for lunch...

This bridge has a section with glass sides and I found it a bit unnerving to walk on, in a scary exciting way...yes folks, I am a SookyLaLa, bigtime.

 These are looking out towards the city from different areas on our walk.

Narrows Bridge.  One day I will drive across that.

Just because I liked it.  No idea what type of tree though there was probably a sign to say.

After walking for hours we ended up at the War Memorial.  This is a lovely area, grass, trees, views.   There is a cafe and a restaurant here too which was just as well because our lunch was at the other end of the park, a loooong walk away and I needed food.  Now!.   Husband wanted a drink too so we went and had a look.  Ended up getting a family box if chips, a coke and a carton of chocmilk.  He drank the coke, I tipped half the chocmilk out as it tasted *funny*  I should have taken it back but kept thinking it was me.  Husband tasted it and said that it might have a bit of a taste but wasn't off.  Yep, I should have taken it back and was cranky at myself that I didn't.  The chips?  Best hot chips that I had had in a long time.  Hot, crispy, yum.   If When we go again we will get some more.

This tree is, if I remember correctly, a Cedar.  Big, beautiful...a bit like me.  haha.   We sat under it while we rested and ate our snack.

Laying down under it and looking up.  

Of course there is so much more to see and do here but it does needs a packed lunch and more than a few hours.   I loved being here, this park is a credit to all those who work here and look after it.  I will definitely be going again and if anyone in WA hasn't been yet, if you are ever in or near Perth it is well worth a visit.

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