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Friday, November 4, 2011

Hopetoun, Mason Bay Trip. Day 2.

Saturday, Day 2 of Hubby's work-trip and I stayed in Hopetoun while he went off and did more of yesterday.

There was a market in town that morning so that was on my agenda and I had planned on riding out to Five Mile Beach as well as a few more things.

I was up by 6 so went for a walk into town and down to the beach.  Around a few of the streets then back to the house for a coffee with Hubby.
We had seen a sign for a garage sale so went looking for that before he went to work but as we were too early I got him to drop me off at a lookout sign I had seen as we passed..  He went off to work, I went off exploring.  There were paths leading away from the lookout platform so I wandered down one, along a road, down another path.  I was looking at the view and some of the flash new houses but eventually I was ready to go back to the house and...Which way is back?!  Didn't know.  I kinda knew the direction I had to go and after a few dead end steets I found the path to the lookout so I backtracked to that and got my bearings from there.
The photo below was taken from the lookout.  That mountain in the background is East Mt Barren, on my list for when Hubby wasn't working.

 Once I was at this lookout I knew the way back to the house so went back and had breakfast.
Come 9.15 and I walked into town again.  The CWA was have Devonshire teas and I was planning on having one.  I get there and the markets are setting up close by and the CWA also had stalls but I changed my mind about the coffee and scone.  Wandered around the markets, didn't buy the fairy floss I wanted...I see a trend here.  I haven't had DT or FF for years and was looking forward to both but my *don't spend* mentality keeps stopping me.  I regret not buying the FF, maybe next time.  I did buy a small salt and pepper set though, both grinders so they will be added to my van and a hand beater, the oldfashioned kind with a wooden handle.  The daughter borrows mine quite often so now she has her own.  $2 each and there was a nice yellow fitted sheet for $1 so I bought that as *someone* hadn't put a sheet on the swag and I like sleeping on sheets!  All up I spent $6, all on stuff that was better for me than DT and FF.

After the markets it was another walk to the beach, just because I was there, the beach was close...
The beaches here are lovely, clean clear water and though there is weed along the beach the bare sand is clean and firm to walk on.

 Back to the house to get the bike and ride out to Five Mile Beach.

Started out riding but something had happened to the handlebars, they were loose and kept slipping so after a couple of wobbly km's I thought I'd better not risk it and pushed it back home.  Had lunch and a read of a book instead.  Another walk into town to see if there was anything new at the markets then back home to find Hubby had finished already and was there too.

My first day in Hopetoun seemed to be full of walking.  The house we were staying in is only about 1/2km from town, not far at all but after the 5th or 6th time it did became a bit old.

We fixed the bike handlebars that afternoon, I couldn't do it earlier as I didn't have the right tools and I say "we" but really, Hubby did it for me.

Then fishing out at Culham Inlet. 
Back into town to the fish and chip shop for tea!

I had a great day but am looking forward to tomorrow when we attempt to climb East Mt Barren.  That is that mountain that can be seen in the background of the photo above.  Should be *fun*

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