Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

East Mt Barren Day 3, Morning.

Because we had left home Thursday night we had managed to get to the worksites earlier than intended and with Hubby having me there to *help* him he managed to get the work finished a bit sooner than first thought.

This gave us the chance to get out to East Mt Barren earlier than planned.  .   Below is a photo taken on my last visit to Hopetoun back in May.  I am overlooking the Culham Inlet, the mountain in the background.
This mountain is in the Fitzgerald River National Park, Western Australia
The park has been closed for awhile due to upgrading of the roads and there are still parts closed so we didn't have to pay the entry fee.  The views from the road, out over the ocean, going up to this hill were fantastic and the closer we got to the mountain the more impressive it looked.  Our plan was to climb it but the closer we got the less confident I felt.
But Hubby is a dear and assured me that I'd be fine and what did it matter anyway if I couldn't, we'd be coming back some other time and I could always try again then.  So we park in the carpark and get out.  I have my trusty backpack on.  In it is all the stuff I wont need...

There is a wooden walkway leading up to the base of the mountain and I go to take a photo...only to find out that some idiot forgot to recharge the batteries.  But I had spares...that didn't work...Idiot!!!!

No non-working camera was going to stop us though so off we went.
The mountain was high, the direction was up, the path was rocky...There are markers leading the way and by the time we were half way my goal was only to reach the next marker and that seemed to make it a bit less daunting.  Afterall, anyone could get to the next marker, it was right there...

We kept stopping so I could rest look at the view and long before I collapsed we had reached the top.  Well, maybe not the top top but it was really really high and the next highest point looked like too much hard work.  We couldn't see any more markers or anything that might be a path...but I don't think we were at the true summit.  I will do some research so next time I know where the top is.
The view though from where we were...absolutely fantastic.  If you are ever in the area, make the effort and climb.  And you don't have to go all the way to see forever...
Coming down was a tad trickier than going up.  Afterall, it was all downhill.  On a windy path with big rocks that needed to be used ass steps.  Nothing for the husband with big strong legs but me with my weak short ones...a different story.  To make the downward trip more dangerous the path was covered in loose stones that slipped away as you trod on them.  I would have gone a header a few times if he wasn't there to stop my quick downward falling..  But before we knew it we were back on the wooden walkway and I was thinking that that wasn't as bad as it looked and we mustn't have reach the top as we were only gone a couple of hours...

It really wasn't a bad climb.  We were stopping often to have a look at the view and there were lots of lizards around.  The wildflowers were abundant and some were so beautiful.

I can now say, in a casual nonchalant voice, "East Mount Barren?  Been there done that"  The fact that I have no photos to prove it. pffft, I have the feeling of greatness and that my friend, is better.  And I will get the photos next time.

OK, I did some web searching and *stole* this photo.  I hope I don't get in trouble for putting it here.  My photo would have looked just the same if I had of been able to take one.  It doesn't look that big does it.
To get how massive it is you really "had to be there"


  1. I am glag you have been out and about again. But I am tired just from reading about all the walking and climbing you are doing. You must be feeling very fit and dangerous. :)

  2. Hello Jan. Not fit but dangerous yes. lol. nearly came down too fast a few times. And that was at the beach!