Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Who and Why.

I live in the Peel Region of Western Australia and I have been wanting to wander this wonderful state of ours, camping and exploring, for the last 3 years.  I think I have finally convinced my husband to take me.

It had taken so long for us to go anywhere that I had started to think about buying myself a van and trying it by myself.  I think he took pity on me though as he knows that I am a bit of a sookylala and he has said we will go together.

This BLOG will be about the places we go, my thoughts on camping,  our preparations and how there might be better ways of us doing something…  Different things.

Sometimes we will go together, just him and me but other times we will mention a destination to family members and let them know that they are welcome to join us. I think though that one day I want to go solo.  Until then I want all the practice I can get.

There may even be mention of my new found hobby of Geocaching.  I say *hobby* but we have been twice, found one, he thinks it’s dumb, I get excited when I talk about it.

Postings may be few and far between but I am hoping to go somewhere at least every couple of months.

And who knows, I may still get that van.  If you see me, wave hello.

Let’s start wandering.  

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