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Monday, June 21, 2010

GreenHead, 12-15 June, 2010.

A couple of months ago we drove up to Jurien Bay to buy some fishfood and while there we ventured further north to a place called Green Head.  I loved it.  It was a quiet, close to the water,  very lovely area.

We promised ourselves that we would come back and stay and we did that last weekend.

Green Head is less than 300km north of Perth and an easy drive.  I think that even I could do it if I needed to though Hubby did turn a couple of corners that I wouldn't have.   If I was driving though I hope I'd be concentrating more and have a better idea of which way I needed to go.

There is no free or inderpendant camping allowed in this area so we stayed at the Green Head Caravan Park.  We were going to be tenting so booked a powered site for 3 nights.  The daughter that came with us had an on-site caravan.

I was very impressed with this park.  I had read on some camping review thing that the toilet block wasn't the cleanest or the best and so I was a bit concerned but I must say that I was pretty impressed with it.
It was very clean, there were plenty of showers and toilets,
heaps of hot water.
A nice little play area for kids adjacent to the cooking area.
Nice barbecues that cost $1 and were clean with plenty of seating.  A fridge was close by in the laundry.
The grounds were clean and tidy, no rubbish laying around anywhere.
A small shop was in the office and the prices were very reasonable.  We bought squid jigs there cheaper than in the *big shops* in Mandurah.
I thought that it was a tad expensive at $25 a night for a powered site but our site was huge and we had 2 couples on it. 2 cars and 2 tents and could have fitted more.  There was an extra fee for people over the 2 allowed but only $8pp.pn

Unpowered sites were $20. but smaller and didn't seem as nice.  I think maybe because they were on dirt not grassed like ours.  I really don't know if the fees were high though as this is the first time we have camped this year.  They may be on par with other parks.  Definately cheaper than a hotel though.  The on-site van that the daughter stayed in had a solid annex and was lovely and clean with plenty of room for the 3 that stayed in it.
It was just across the road from us and as the park was really quiet the grandaughter was able to come and go quite safely and it was a great time to teach her a bit about road safety and to stop and check for cars before crossing.

The main idea of this trip was to catch some squid without travelling all the way up to Shark Bay.  There is a bit of weed in different areas but the guys mainly went squidding off the jetty.  Caught a few but not as many as they wanted to.  Fish were also caught from the jetty.  Son and his girlfriend also caught different sorts of fish off of Pt. Louice.  There are so many different bays and beaches in this area that I think that you could catch a feed whenever or whereever you went.

I am not a fisherperson so I sometimes stayed back at camp and looked after the grandaughter so T could go and have a go.  Because I wasn't out near the water as much as the othes I missed seeing Sealions.  How sad is that!  Next time I will go and sit near the water until I do see one.  The first night there though we were all down on the jetty and we saw a massive Stingray.  It was huge.  There were a few smaller, different types of ray swimming around as well but the stingray...Huge.  It would have covered the top of my car.

What I like about this place is the different outlooks from the coastline.  There are cliffs, sandy beaches, rocky outcrops.  Absolutely snunning views from everywhere.

One thing that disapointed us was the fact the there are no campfires allowed in the area.  There were no fire rings or anything at the caravan park so we didn't get to try out our campfire cooking.  We used an eleftric frypan on the sat night and then the barbecues the following 2 nights.  Breakfast was bacon and eggs or leftovers done in the frypan.  Water for coffee was heated on a gas bottle with a ring on top.  We did take a couple of small stove thingies but they were not used.

Hubby and I took our pushbikes and they were used by everyone to get to different places so I think they will go with us on our trips.

We had a great time and plan on going back to this place a few more times this year.  Who wants to come with us?

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