Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Countdown To Tassie.

I am going to go to Tasmania.  How cool will that be.  Not sure why I cry every time I think about it but...Crying is not going to stop me, I will just keep the hanky handy.

Five weeks, I think, more or less, before we leave.   We being me and a daughter and her daughter.  Husband is staying home.  

I have less than 5 weeks to get organised, decide what to take, lose 20 kilos, get the gardens to a survivable stage, get fit enough to trek the island, do some research on weather so I will know what to take, research and buy a tablet or laptop of some sort.  So much to do and one day soon I will make a start on a list.

Have you been to Tassie?   Maybe I could see a copy of your list?  I will still make my own as I do like a good list but it would be interesting to see the difference between yours and mine.  If you blogged about it that would be interesting to see too.  Please.

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