Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I've been ehhh, Nowhere.

Sorry to say I can't say I've been *everywhere* like that song but I did go into our local Tourist and Information Centre yesterday.  I now have a map of the area I am interested in going to but as I had a SookyLaLa moment last week when talking about it I need to hurry up and decide to go so I can *just do it*
The stupid tears started when Hubby said I had to drive through Perth to get there.  I know that I can get there going another way, it will just add on a half days extra travel and seeing as I'm too tight to buy lots of diesel shorter is better.  And I don't actually have to *go through* Perth.  I think I go around it but the sound of him saying "you need to go on ???? highway and then this one" made me freak out, just a tad.but more than any intrepid adventurer should.
He's at work tomorrow so I will be able to pull out the maps and have a good sook look and get settled before he gets home again.

I think driving on busy roads freaks me out so much because I see too many idiots on the roads that don't seem to give a rats about other vehicles.
The more I go off and do the driving and exploring though the more I will get used to it but I am too sooky to do it as often as I want to.  As I have said before...I  need to *grow a pair* and just go.


  1. Barb - you're right. You just need to DO IT... You are a very capable woman, and driving around Perth on a couple of highways will not stop you - JUST DO IT!!!

  2. Thankyou for the vote of confidence. I do tend to talk myself out of doing a lot of things which is silly. I do need to *just do it* But...